[Top 5] Best Paid Survey Sites to Earn Money

best paid survey sites

Paid Survey sites are one of the most easiest and beginners friendly way to Earn Money. Survey sites have been there for a long time and their performance is increasing day by day.

The whopping popularity of survey sites is due to the fact that they are easy to work, they don’t require any technical skill or fancy gadgets, pays good and the whole process is hassle free.

Survey sites offers you to join paid surveys. Surveys are a set of questions that ask you about your opinion on a particular topic after you qualify for the survey. To qualify you need to answer a few questions about yourself and don’t worry your personal data is kept save and is used for market research purposes only.

For every completed survey you are paid somewhere between $0.5 to $7 or even more depending upon the lenght, type and demography of the survey.

Once you have enough points you can redeem using your favorite payout method. And, nothing enjoy your money.

Best Paid Survey sites

Since I gave you a broder knowledge about survey sites, let’s take a look at top 5 survey sites for beginners.

But remember, the list is purely based on personal experience and preferences and is for educational purposes.

All the sites are great for anyone across the globe but the list or more precisely the sequence is best suited for beginners.

5. The Panel Station

Paid survey site

Minimum Payout: $5.

Payment method: Paytm, PayPal, Amazon, flipkart, other gift cards.

Quick review

The Panel Station is the first survey site that I joined and it is the reason I still use and love paid surveys.

Once you signup for The Panel Station using a email address and mobile number, they send you survey invitation directly through email. Surveys usually pay between $1 to $5.

The thing I like most is that they offer around 7 profile surveys which you don’t need to qualify and pays around $1 each. You can expect 3 to 4 surveys daily but the number may fluctuate depending upon your country.

Though the surveys are a bit difficult to qualify and they also expires quickly, the availability of decent amount of surveys compensate this.

Once you reach the minimum payout of $5 you can withdraw using the options available like PayPal, paytm, Amazon or flipkart. The payout generally takes 4 to 6 week which is a long time.

Why on number 5

1. Large number of surveys available.

2. Good paying surveys.

3. Low minimum payout with lot of Payment options.

4. Difficult to qualify.

5. Delayed payment and average support.

Join The Panel station.

4. Feature points

feature points logo

Minimum Payout: $5.

Payment Method: Flipkart, Paypal and Bitcoins.

Quick review

Feature points is a relatively new and less known survey site. But that doesn’t mean it is not good.

Though the site provides average paying surveys, the amount of surveys available are quite good. They can offer you 4 to 6 or even more surveys.

As you try out a survey, more surveys will appear. The interface is quite good and it will not take much to get use to it.

They also have a mobile app which you can use to further increase your earnings. The mobile app allows you to earn money by downloading apps.

Once you have reached the minimum payout you can withdraw using PayPal, flipkart or even Bitcoins.

Why on number 4

1. Large number of surveys available.

2. Relatively easy to qualify.

3. Mobile App to boost your income.

4. Average paying surveys.

5. Bit difficult to qualify.

Join Feature Points.

3. Toluna

toluna logo

Minimum Payout: $10.

Payment Method: Gift card, Paypal.

Quick review

Toluna is one of the most popular and most beautifully designed Paid survey site on internet.

The thing that makes Toluna so popular is that it is like a social network. You can follow peoples and they can follow you back. You can post your opinion and others can comment on it.

Coming to the point you can earn from three ways by taking surveys, by voting in polls and by creating polls.

You can expect 2 to 3 surveys daily. Though the surveys are average paying they are easier to qualify than any other panel.

Besides they also have a good support team. You can use their mobile app to take surveys on the go.

Once you reach the minimum payout of $10 for paypal and others (varies with your country) you can request a payout which will not take long to arrive.

Why on number 3

1. Great interface.

2. Easy to qualify surveys.

3. More than just surveys.

4. Decent amount of surveys.

5. Average paying surveys.

Join Toluna.

2. Univox

univox logo

Minimum payout: $10.

Payment Method: Paypal.

Quick review

Univox is a site that I started to use just a couple of weeks ago but I am more impressed with it than any other site.

It offers paid survey but the numbers are quite unbelievable. You can expect somewhere around 10 to 15 surveys daily or even more if you are lucky.

Though the surveys are difficult to qualify but the large number of surveys ensure that you will qualify for at least 1 or 2 surveys. They have a survey co-operation limit of 10 surveys daily. And for the surveys you don’t qualify you will be given a small amount of 3 to 4 cents for trying.

Surveys are high paying and it will not take much to reach the payout threshold. And once you reach the minimum of $10 you can redeem through paypal.

Why on number 2

1. Huge amount of surveys available

2. Low minimum payout.

3. Incentives on disqualification.

4. Easy to use.

5. Difficult to qualify surveys.

Join Univox.

Great Sites who can’t Make it to the best paid survey sites

  •  Lifepoints

lifepoints logo paid survey

Lifepoints (formerly known as global test Market) is a well known survey site. They offer high paying surveys though the survey frequency is not good.

Surveys are high paying and usually pays more than a dollar for every survey though the amount can increase to as much as $5.

You can redeem through paypal once you reach $10. With more surveys this site could have entered the list.

Join Lifepoints.

  •  Opinion World

best paid survey sites

Opinion World offers good amount for surveys. Once you log into your account, you will see a button named ‘take a survey’.

It will take you to the router and find out if there’s a paid survey available for you. Once you reach $5 or 500 rupees you can withdraw using Amazon or flipkart. They also have PayPal in some countries.

With more easy to qualify surveys and more opportunities, this site could have entered the list.

Join Opinion World.

  •  AIP Surveys

aip best paid survey sites

A lesser known survey site, AIP Surveys is of Rakuteen. They offer high paying surveys though the survey frequency is much less.

You can expect 4 to 6 surveys monthly And in some cases upto 10 or 12. Thus is much lower amount than any other site.

The bright side is that the surveys are high paying and you can redeem through paytm or Amazon only at 100 rupees.

Join AIP Surveys.

1. Ysense

ysense logo

Minimum Payout: $10.

Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Payza.

Quick review

Ranking to the top of our list of Paid survey sites, Ysense (formerly Clixsense) is one of the most popular earning website on internet.

This is not a survey site but a GPT site. That means it provides surveys as well as tasks and offers to earn money online.

You can expect up to 20 surveys daily. But that’s not all, it has three to five survey router to find more surveys plus the offerwalls are filled with surveys especially wannads and offer toro.

All this is enough to show how much you can make from this site alone. And to add to it, they also have an affiliate program that means you can refer others and earn upto 30% of their income.

The site have a huge earning potential if you get it the right way. Surveys are high paying and the payout is quick. You can expect to receive the payment within 3 to 5 days from the day you redeemed the amount.

Why on number 1

1. Huge amount of surveys available.

2 Massive earning potential.

3. High paying surveys.

4. Lots of options to earn.

5. Difficult to qualify surveys.

Join ysense.

Conclusion For Best Paid Survey sites

The list above gives you the top five Paid survey sites for beginners and three more who were great but were unable to counter the best of the best.

The list is good for beginners, Because it is short and does not confuse them with hundreds of sites available. If you want to know about more sites, I have a list of best survey sites in India, which you can read.

The list is made specifically for those who just want to give some of their time on best sites to earn maximum amount possible in short time.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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