How to Earn Paytm Cash for free [9 ways]

earn paytm cash

Want to Earn free Paytm cash? If it’s free, everyone does. In this article I will give you 9 best ways to Earn at least 3500 Paytm cash monthly. Let’s get started.

Paytm is the most used e-wallet in India. It is used for countless different purposes like bill payment, recharge, shopping, money transfer, etc.

What the above information shows is that it is good to have a Paytm account with some cash in it.

If you don’t have a Paytm account, it is really easy to create one. Signup only requires a mobile number. And if you have, it’s time to put in some cash.

Here I am giving you a list of best sites and apps to Earn Paytm cash. After the list of over don’t forget to read the pro tips at the end. Those tips will boost your income and save you from scams.

All the sites and apps are genuine and trusted. As I found more, I will make sure to add them to the list.

Best ways to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Now that we have much of talking, its time to see the list of best sites and apps to Earn Paytm cash. The list is arranged in order of their earning potential.

1. Cinch Bucks

cinchbucks earn paytm cash

Minimum Payout: $10.

Cinchbucks is a GPT site which means it pays you for many different things like taking surveys, completing offers, watching ads and many more.

Though the minimum payout may seem high but the site has so much to offer that it will not take you longer to redeem your money.

The interface is a bit confusing at first and it will take some time to get used to it but with a little learning curve, this site can make you lot more than any other in the list.

Join the site through the link below and you will get 50 points bonus. Start by completing surveys and then move on to offerwalls and explore the rest later.

Join CinchBucks.

2. AIP surveys

aip best paid survey sites

Minimum Payout: 100 rupees.

As the name suggests, AIP surveys is a survey site which means it pays you for completing surveys. The only offer surveys but I think you should join this site.

Once you join this site, you will start getting emails of surveys available for you. A survey is a set of questions about your opinion.

Surveys are easy to answer and you can expect 3 to 5 surveys a week. A survey typically takes 15 minutes and pays 30 to 50 rupees.

You can redeem with 100 rupees and the payment are made in third week of next month. You can earn more by joining more sites from best survey sites in India.

Join AIP surveys.

3. The Panel Station

earn paytm cash

Minimum Payout: 300 rupees.

The Panel Station is also a survey site and will make you more money than AIP. It is below AIP because it takes 6 to 8 weeks to credit payment and have a below average support.

Once you join this site, it will give you survey invitations via email. They offer as much as 3 to 5 surveys daily but it is bit difficult to qualify.

Surveys usually pay 30 to 50 rupees but can pay as much as 150 rupees. They also have about 7 profile surveys which pays around 30 rupees each.

Once you reach 300 rupees (3000 points) you can ask for a payout. The amount will be transferred directly into your Paytm account so make sure that your Paytm email address is same as with TPS account.

Join The Panel Station.

4. MPL Pro

mpl earn paytm money

Minimum Payout: varies.

Mobile premier League or MPL is a mobile app where you can earn Paytm cash by playing games. That is the coolest and most enjoyable way to earn money.

After you install the MPL app from their website you will have to signup using your phone number. Make sure that the mobile number is same as your number in Paytm account, otherwise the payout will fail.

After joining they will show you a variety of games that you can play and earn. Some of the most popular games are like fruit chop, temple run, candy crush and others.Games are really enjoyable.

There are a fixed number of players in every tournament. Firstly you have to join a tournament of a specific game. It cost money but you can use cash you get for signup, daily spins and referrals.

If you rank in top 10% or 20% or 50% depending upon the tournament, you will earn money.

You can redeem as low as 5 rupees from your account through Paytm. You can also opt for payouts directly to your bank account.

And yes, just click on the below link and I have a surprise game for you.

Join MPL.

5. Opinion Bureau

earn paytm cash

Minimum Payout: 250 rupees.

Opinion Bureau is also a survey site. This site pays you the maximum amount for every survey though the frequency is much less.

A survey typically pays around 50 to 150 rupees but the amount can increase to as much as 400 rupees for every survey. You can expect no more than 3 or 4 surveys in a month.

They also give you a signup incentive. They give 100 rupees for signup and 25 more for completing a small survey about yourself.

Another way to earn is by voting in polls. You can redeem with 250 rupees in your account and the gift voucher will be sent to you by email. You can cash it out in Paytm>add money section.

Join Opinion Beauru.

6. Opinion Now

earn paytm cash fast

Minimum Payout: 50 rupees.

One more survey site in our list. This site is a bit different though. It send you an email whenever a survey is available and you can click on the link and take the survey.

But unlike other panels here you can choose the amount of survey you would like to receive. But it is unlikely that they will give you any more than 6 surveys a month.

Surveys usually pay 50 to 100 rupees and you can ask for a payout at only 50 rupees. That way you can make a payout after taking just one survey.

Payment is made through Paytm gift wallet so you don’t need any kind of kyc for this site. But for other sites you will need at least minimum kyc for payment.

Join Opinion Now.

7. Roz Dhan

Earn Paytm cash by rozdhan

Minimum Payout: ₹100

Rozdhan is a new and amazing app for making Paytm cash. They give you ₹50 just for signing up.

This is basically a news app with few games. The more time you spend on the app, the more you will earn.

You can earn more by referring friends and doing other things.

Join Rozdhan.

8. Qureka


Minimum Payout: Varies.

Qureka is the most popular quiz app in India. Though the quizzes doesn’t pay as much as Bazzi Now they have lot more quizzes.

They offer one quiz every 30 minutes from 9 am to 9 pm. Some of these are for coins. You get one life for every 30 coins.

On total they have more than one lakh of amount in prize money. You can earn more by playing predictions in which you have to predict about upcoming cricket match.

You can earn upto 15 rupees for every successful referral.

They also don’t have any minimum payout and you can redeem as low as 1 rupee. But the minimum payout keeps increasing.

The best feature of this app is that the live quiz never lags even in slow network. And they have a mega quiz monthly which have 1.5 lakhs in winning.

Join Qureka.

9. Task Bucks


Minimum Payout: 10 rupees.

Task Bucks is an app that pays you for instilling apps and referring others. This app pays not only through Paytm but also through recharge.

Once you install the app from play store, it will show you all the available apps. Only those apps will pay you which you have not installed on your smartphone before.

Some apps only need to be installed while others need signup, play a game to a certain level, keep the app for a specific time, etc.

The more you have to do the more money you will be paid for it. For every install you will earn as low as 3 rupees to as much as 125 rupees or more.

You can also earn by referring others. For Paytm transfer you will need at least 20 rupees.

Join task bucks.

Pro Tips

1. Don’t ever join a site or app that claims to offer unlimited Paytm cash.

2. Don’t Pay even a single penny to join any site or app.

3. If you find any type of site or app interesting, make sure to check out it’s complete list to Earn more.

4. Dedicate some time to learn how each site or app work to make more money from it.

5. Save yourself from quick rich program and you are good to go.


So we concluded that earning Paytm cash is really possible and is easy to do. Following this small guide will help you get there.

And more interestingly, you can earn Paytm cash by doing almost anything like taking survey, completing offers, playing quizzes and games, installing apps and much more.

Join all the sites and apps in the above list, start working today and give it some time maybe a month and you will start generating nice amount of payment money.

And as always if you have any questions or queries, ask me in the comment section below. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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